Keep Warm with our Hot Spicy Herb Tea

People tend to eat more when it is cold to keep them warm but, when winter finishes you realise that you have gained a few kilos. This is always a problem especially in winter but this year is different!!!

Our Hot Spicy Herb Tea will help you with the problem!!!

This Herb Tea includes 68 herbs and spices such as ginger and hot pepper which will definently keep you warmed up for winter and even help you lose weight. What is amazing about this product is that even though there are so many herbs and spices the flavour is apple and lemon.
This herb tea not only makes you warm up but it is 0Kcal (if you do not add sugar) so if your worried about gaining weight this winter, maybe try this tea and burn your fat just by drinking this herb blended tea.

「Esthe pro labo hot spicy herb tea」の画像検索結果Hot Spicy Herb Tea, 30 tea bags for $70

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