Expected effects from Placenta

Placenta has so many ingredients which are very effective for beauty.

Elimination of active oxygen will prevent you from ageing. Placenta contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Minerals, active peptide. Active peptide, has antioxidant agents, which help eliminate dark spots and wrinkles especially for anti ageing purposes.

It also includes Vitamin B which reduce the peroxide lipids and destroy the cells of the epidermis,which has high expectation for ageing.



Collagen growth

Placenta extracts have growing factors which help collagen cells from forming. Growth factors have fibroblast cells and keratinocytes which make is active for collagen growth to increase

Fibroblast-like cells Keratinocytes



Whitening effect

Placenta extracts have an ingredient which has been identified as one of the ingredients which is effective for whitening. Tyrosinase oxygen which produce melanin forming, is to help stop the activity and prevent dark spots from forming. Which leads to a whitening effect and has been used for many years.



Moistening effect

For the skin to keep hydrated NMF (Natural moisturizing factor) becomes important. Placenta has NMF which is also high in amino acids to help increase hydration.

Accelerate blood circulation and skin regeneration

By accelerating blood circulation, nutrients and enzymes are brought into the skin smoothly, which make the skin healthy. Unwanted wastage can also be excrete smoothly, and help cure skin issues.



After taking Placenta

You may be feeling slightly ill after intaking placenta.
Some symptoms are:

Menstrual flow can increase
Wake up before sunrise
Sweat often
Pimples and breakouts may occur (Detox)
Menstrual cycle may fasten
Breasts can feel pain
Become pregnant easier
Red and become itchy


 Lighten dark spots

Placenta will increase metabolism, which will help the cycle of your skin to turnover. Your skin will become brighter because placenta will stop melanin which is what makes the dark sports from producing.


Get rid of pimples

Placenta has anti-inflammatory effects which are good to prevent pimples from occurring. when metabolism increase, new skin will form making pimples becoming red and will not leave acne rashes.


Increased in wrinkles and skin is saggy

Placenta has collagen and hydrating agents which help wrinkles from showing and lift up the skin. Also, with active oxygen and increasing metabolism you can protect your skin from ageing.


Pores become smaller and skin will be regenerated.

Pores widen because of ageing and skin becoming saggy. Placenta will prevent the skin from sagging and tighten your skin naturally, making the pores smaller. Therefore, by increasing your metabolism, your skin will become hydrated and increase collagen .


Eye bags and dullness.

Eye bags and dullness can be occurred by bad blood circulation. Placenta can help blood cells from accelerating making, the blood circulation better to improve dullness and the eye bags.



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