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Lv 1/100 Pacific Highway Roseville
Tue-Sat 10-19 (appointment only)

【肌再生】Pure Herbal Rejuvenation  

Japanese KYOTO university's latest technology brings you amazing result but still quite gentle for sensitive skin because this is NOT chemical peeling !!


🌿Unique additive-free herb formula
To penetrate the herb treatment into the deep layer of the skin it is safe to say products that contain synthetic fragrances, paraben and artificial colouring are known to have a cytotoxic effect, stress and aging on the skin.


🌿Combination of bio technology
This herb treatment is very effective to stimulates the skin and help quicken the metabolism of the epidermal cell so that the aged skin cell rise up for a faster and efficient turnover of the skin. (We do not use a peeling formula)

Saggy skin

✅Wrinkles/Fine lines 


✅Dark spot/Pigmentation 

✅Dull skin

✅Double chin


60 mins facial includes herbal application on,

Small area  150   
Half face    260
Full face    390    + Neck     580

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Our skin concerns has been produced in the 1st to 4th layer of the skin, so beauty ingredients need to be achieved to the 4th layer level.
However normal (basic) facial could only treat surface of the skin.
x1 herb facial is as effective as x10 of ordinary facials by approaching to deeper level of the skin.

How often

It is recommended to be done 5 times for the best result.
First 3 facial within 2 months, then have 4th / 5th facial in 2 wks ~ 2months time.
Always great idea that you care of your skin by SERUX cosmetic which designed for after herb facial.


For the best result each time, you are not able to wet your skin on the date of the night.
Please rinse gently next morning, you can wear make up on next day.


【美筋形成®︎】 BIKIN®︎ face lift 

The purpose of this face lift treatment is to harmonise Lymph, Blood, Muscle, Skelton and Reiki as in mind.

The treatment starts by draining Lymph nodes in order to regain good blood circulation, this good blood circulation makes muscle softer, and this soft and flexible muscle balances the skelton then we finish by forming and lifting up this muscle. 

[Flow 75 mins]  200 Book now
Cleansing – Serum –the Vegas®︎ face lift – BIKIN ®︎ massage (face&body) – Farming or Anti-wrinkle mask – Moisturizing


Great for clients who ..

・tierd looking skin
・dull skin
・suggy skin
・unclear tone skin

then,wish to have havenly relaxation.  

How often

It is recommended to be done 6 times for the best result.

First 4 facial is idealy done every week, then 5th / 6th is every 2-3 weeks.

Always great idea that you have 7th~ facial for the maintenance afterwards.


This Award winning facial technique will bring you not only an amazing face lift experience but also deep level of relaxation by  massageing the facial mascles, neck, sholder and decoltage.

Add on

1.Ceramic heat mat
Warm you up to get sweat.Super detox in 30 mins!
2.The Vegas®︎ Face lift
An amazing skin lift machine with multi beauty functions for advanced stage.
3.DX placenta mask
This amazing mask has 22ml of pure placenta extract. The BEST mask ever.
4.Lift up gypsum mask (Inc.No.2)
Warmed up to 40℃ to firm and tighten your skin after using The Vegas®
5.Extra Deep cleaning
For the thick dead skin and Congested skin