Lv 1/100 Pacific Highway Roseville | Tue-Sat 10-19 (appointment only)
Lv 1/100 Pacific Highway Roseville
Tue-Sat 10-19 (appointment only)

McCoy® Fascial Release Therapy
105mins 250 / x5 Package 1300 (Inc. McCELLRIE shape $198 x1)   Book

“The ultimate body reshaping with miracle hand technique from Japan”

Fascial is one continuous structure that exists from head to toe without interruption. It provides you basal metabolic rate increases improve blood circulation, Elimination of the swelling…etc

It includes 20-30 minutes ceramic detox heat mat. Feel so refresh by sweating. Also highly recommended for back pain, stiffed shoulder, neck pain and so on.


◎How often you should have a treatment ?

①1 treatment / 1 week x5 (may be recommended for 1-3 packages)

②1 treatment / 3 weeks for maintenance your slimmer shape.

Before     →       After

Before       →     After

Fat Cavitation
1part 110 2parts 150 3parts 200  Book

By using the most modern fat cavitation technology and using heat mat to detox by sweating, we will help you break down the cellulite. And lymphatic drainage massage will be provided.

Cellulite is not able to be removed by any exercise or weight loss diet, Fat cavitation will be the best way to improve your body shape without any kind of surgeries.

It is getting very popular in models, actresses and beauty creators as safety body reshaping method.

Lycon®︎ Wax

Under Arm
1/2 legs
Full legs
1/2 Arms
Full arms
1/2 Back
Full back