Shoulder & Neck massage $10

Struggle to release your stiffed shoulder and neck?
By using gentle yet effective oil / cream, massage décolletage – neck – shoulder to relax.

Premium black herb set $40 ($70 value)
Inc.Premium black herb upgrading+Booster serum+Shoulder and neck massage+head spa. *Only add on any “Pure herb rejuvenation” treatment to enhance the result and relaxing.


Booster serum $20
Add on any “Pure herb rejuvenation” treatment to enhance the result.


Premium black herb $20
Even greater than green herb ( in Pure herb rejuvenation), more result, more effective for firming, anti oxidant, dark spot, even tone and still gentle formula.

Detox ceramic heat mat $40

Very popular add on. Warm you up to get sweat, Super detox in 20 mins!
It brings you the resulf of as effective as 2 hrs exercise. Try one, you love it.

【No.2👑】The VEGAS®︎ face lift $20

An amazing skin lift machine with multi beauty functions for advanced stage.
Let all the beauty ingrediants penetrate even deeper level of your skin.
Firmer, tighter, brighter looking, just amazing.

【No.3👑】Dry head spa $20

Our dry head spa is not only for headache but also for facelift, of course for deep relaxation. It will bring you to take a great nap.

Deep cleansing (Nose&Chin) $20

Using steamer to opened clogged pores and apply a gentle deep cleansing products then extract black heads.

Hands / Foot treatment $50

Any pigmentstions or dry skin ?
Treat your hands or foot like a facial below flow,

Wash – Cleanse – Exfoliation – Mask – Massage – Moisturizing